This course will cover Basic Firearms Safety, Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting, Concealed Carry and Maintenance. A course designed for the new shooter with absolutely no firearms experience to the shooter with limited firearms experience looking to build a great foundation and develop their basic shooting skills. The course is 7 hours and requires a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition. Upon graduation shooters will receive a D-DEY Certificate of Completion for NRA Firearms Safety and Training Course to apply for Concealed Carry Permit.

Women only course designed for women with no or minimal firearms experience. This class will build a foundation of firearms knowledge and safety second to none. Commencing in the classroom with safety, operations and maintenance and culminating on the range with paper, steel and empowerment. This is a must have course for women who shoot or have a desire to learn.


This course is designed for the intermediate shooter looking to improve their skills with carbine and pistol weapons. It is designed to take you to the next level. It will begin with a brief refresher on firearms safety and fundamentals of pistol and carbine marksmanship, and then will progress to carrying a primary and secondary weapon, offhand shooting, transition drills, movement drills and engaging multiple targets with both weapons systems. This is a 7 hour course and requires both weapons, holster, magazines, pouches, sling, 400 rounds of rifle and 400 rounds of pistol ammo.

This is an epic two-and-a-half-day inclusive pistol, carbine and night vision shooting course. Shooters will stay at the OK Corral cabins and enjoy all meals included in this once in a lifetime shooting experience. Two days of intermediate/ advanced pistol and carbine shooting drills with a 4-hour block of instruction and live fire Night Vision course. All Night Vision equipment and accessories will be provided.

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