Women’s Empowerment (March 23 ) OK Corral Gun Club


Women’s only handgun course from 9am – 4pm at OK Corral Gun Club. Upon completion graduates will receive:

  1. NRA Certificate to obtain Concealed Carry Permit
  2. T-Shirt


Women’s Empowerment provides handgun fundamentals in an 100% women focused class. It was designed for women by a woman, our CEO Cecilia Deyo, to help women overcome their fears and hesitations around handguns. Oftentimes, women have firearms in their home with little to no experience of the mechanics and operations. The D-DEY approach is heavy on education and discussion, as well as dispelling myths and conquering anxiety, prior to ever stepping foot on the range. Classes are small, enabling one-on-one instruction and a semi-private learning environment.  This is a must take course for women with little to no firearms experience; you can expect to learn a foundation of firearms knowledge and safety techniques like only former Special Forces Instructors can teach. The class will prioritize safety, operations, accuracy, body mechanics, and maintenance, and it will conclude on the range with paper, steel and empowerment. Reserve your spot today in Women’s Empowerment, a women’s only handgun course. Come prepared to shoot 300 rounds and walk away feeling confident and inspired. Women’s Empowerment has taught moms, teachers, business women, grandmothers, and civic leaders to be safe and accurate with a handgun, despite their fears.


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