SHOOT AND SAVE (September 16-17, 2019) Princeton, NJ


This is a Two Day Collaboration with D-DEY and Gamut Resolutions. Weapons training with Bob Keller and tactical medicine with Don Deyo. The price includes all range fees.

Students will need to bring 700 rounds of rifle and 600 rounds of pistol ammunition, per person.

On completion of the course, all students will receive 16 hours of accreditation with the NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care All Providers National Certification.



This course enables students to get similar realistic /dynamic training that only the military has been able to get in the past. This course is perfect for all First Responder professionals as well and is unique because it combines medical and shooting training (round robin training).

Students will be getting instruction from “two” Special Forces (Green Beret) over the course of two days. The class will be split and the course will be taught in several hour blocks with students rotating from Carbine and pistol training (Bob Keller) to Tactical Medical training (Don Deyo). Students will learn and practice a series of medical and carbine techniques individually and then group into teams while gradually building upon and combining the techniques. At the end of the two day course, there will be live fire culmination exercises where the students will work as a team shooting targets, treating life threatening injuries and moving casualties to a safer area.

Bob Keller of Gamut Resolutions will be focusing his instruction on Tactical Carbine and pistol shooting skills. Bobs knowledge, skills  and experience in this area are unmatched!

Don Deyo of D-DEY Response Group will be focusing on instructing all tactical medical training. The students will initially learn about the cutting edge life saving techniques and equipment, then they will practice all at skill stations.



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