Combined Arms Course (Apr. 27th) OK Gun Corral


Don’t miss this opportunity to up your game! The Combined Arms Course is designed for the intermediate shooter looking to improve their skills with carbine and pistol weapons. 



If you are an intermediate shooter ready to improve your skills and weapon handling with with carbine and pistol, then you won’t want to miss this D-Dey course.

Designed to take you to the next level, this class begins with a brief refresher on firearms safety and fundamentals of pistol and carbine marksmanship. Instruction then will progress to carrying a primary and secondary weapon, offhand shooting, transition drills, movement drills and engaging multiple targets with both weapons systems. As the class concludes, students will engage targets from multiple shooting positions using barrier and cover. This dynamic and physically demanding course will culminate with a stress shoot using both weapons.

Class is from 9am to 4pm and located at OK Corral Gun Club located at 9449 NE 48th St. in Okeechobee, Florida.

Course requires all students to have weapons, holster, magazine pushes, sling, 400 rounds of rifle and 400 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Equipment rental available.

Lunch available for purchase.

Email admin@d-dey for more information.


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