D-Dey Response Group is a veteran owned and operated business with a mission of educating and empowering its clients in tactical medicine, marine medicine and weapons courses.  Clients are offered a unique, scenario-based training methodology that enables them to learn and become prepared for real-world emergencies and shooting experiences. D-Dey instructors are U.S. Armed Forces veterans whose unique and specialized skills present their clients with intensive, cutting edge and realistic hands-on learning in a dynamic environment.  



President & Founder

Cecilia Deyo:

Cecilia Deyo is US Navy Veteran, community change agent, veteran advocate, mother of two and President of D-DEY Response Group. With the help of her co-founders and mentors, Cecilia established D-DEY in the kitchen of her home as a stay at mom and full-time student at Florida Atlantic University.

Her vision for D-DEY was two-fold, to create value-focused jobs for veterans and to empower and prepare students to become helpful “could-be heroes” in any emergency.