The first of its kind.

D-DEY’s experienced group of medical professionals have written a unique course to teach boat owners and captains emergency medicine at sea. This course is far more than the basic CPR and First Aid, and yet avoids teaching invasive procedures that put both practitioner and patient at risk. We teach the avid boater everything they need to know, and nothing they don’t.

There are several companies with the “dial-a-doc” business models. These pricey subscription services are a designed for mega yachts with a large staff.



Our trainers are the best in the WORLD at ONE thing – emergency medicine in the harshest of environments. We learned to rely on our training to save lives overseas, not calling a doctor.

We believe that there is nothing better than a LEARNED skill set ready to be used when it’s needed most. Don’t settle for being coached through procedures to save a life under pressure, learn them yourself. Every time you are at sea, be confident in the knowledge that YOU know what to if disaster strikes!

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When looking for instructors to teach professional first responders tactical medicine, there should be one driving question you ask before hiring anyone:


If that company cannot prove that they have saved lives in COMBAT, under FIRE, then they aren’t experienced enough to teach you!

D-DEY Response Group is a Certified Mobile Training Site
for TCCC, LE/FR, and TCC.

Our instructors have multiple combat missions in which they have used the exact same techniques to save lives. They have been tested, THEY ARE THE BEST. They have undergone the military finest and most intensive medical training to become Green Beret 18D’s and they can use their knowledge to help you become the most confident first responder in your department.

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Parents, Students, Teachers, Travelers, Hunters, Adventurers

We are committed to our global mission of PREPARING others to become proactive and confident in the extreme emergency situations that have become commonplace. Our training programs will take civilians from being helpless to becoming helpful, confident and prepared.

We currently offer three types of workshops for civilians:

Emergency Life Saver (Advanced):

Written by the D-DEY Instructors, this 8 hour workshop was written for CIVILIANS with ZERO experience. The course teaches the foundational principles of bleeding control, chest trauma, airway management, recognizing and treating for shock and patient movement techniques. This training program is dynamic and fun! You will leave feeling confident and prepared. These skills can help the everyday citizen save a life in an emergency.

Emergency Life Saver (Basic):

A half day of training in the basic principles of bleeding control and recovery. This course is for civilians that value the ability to save their own life or someone else’s in cases of extreme wounds or arterial bleeding. If a participant cannot devote a full day to training, start here.

Bleeding Control (B-CON):

This is a nationally recognized course and completion earns a CERTIFICATION from the National Association of Emergency Technicians (NAEMT). It is a 2.5hr course that focuses solely on bleeding control. This course was originally developed for TEACHERS who are sick of lack of active shooter training. If certifications are important for career development and insurance purposes, consider this class.

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Are you and your loved ones secure at home, at school, in college and at work?

Are you confident you know what to do when disaster strikes?

Do you have and understand your emergency action plan?

The team at D-DEY Response Group has over 75 years of proficiency in capital loss prevention, executive protection and emergency action planning and the most important thing we have learned is:


Our experts seek to train pertinent staff and employees in the most effective ways to manage disaster with our Medical Aid Center (MAC) program.

With our expertise and the partnership of our clients, we will:

  •   Test current security force measures in an initial assessment

  •   Present our recommendations for correction and a quote for future services needed

  •   Guide personnel through the implementation of our suggestions

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